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China launches anti-dumping probe into EU, US, Japan, Taiwan plastics

China investigates anti-dumping with US and EU plastics
Trade tensions between China and the US and Europe are increasing, as Beijing investigates plastic imports from these two economies.

On May 19, the Chinese Ministry of Commerce opened an anti-dumping investigation on POM plastic imported from the European Union (EU), the US, Japan and Taiwan. The agency said that the above plastics could partly replace metals such as copper and zinc and have many applications in the production of cars, electronic goods and medical devices.

The investigation is expected to be completed in one year. However, the period can be extended by 6 months.

The European Commission (EC), the EU’s trade policy regulator, said it will carefully study the content of the investigation before deciding on the next step. “We hope China complies with the regulations and obligations of the World Trade Organization (WTO)”, an EC spokesman said.

The US and Europe have recently been concerned about overcapacity in China. They believe that Beijing can export goods to the world at cheap prices, thereby threatening businesses in other economies.

Beijing denies this. The country’s officials have insisted the criticisms downplay the creativity of Chinese businesses in key industries, as well as exaggerate the importance of support from the government.

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