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Market Focused

Our markets are mainly Europe, America, Australia… We understand the local culture, policies, product requirements…

Market Focused
Quality raw materials

Quality raw materials

We have a full range of high quality raw materials to produce all kinds of plastic bags from polyethylene (HDPE, LDPE, LLDPE) such as biodegradable bags, degradable plastic bags (EPI, D2W, P D) in order to protect our environment.

High-tech machines equiped

Vn Plastic owns many high-tech machines to produce bags such as T-shirt, Roll. Many machines can automatically change cores, operate 2-3 lines at the same time for outstanding production speed. Especially, we own Hemingstone T-shirt production machines. This is a very famous and popular brand today.

Skillful workers

Skillful workers

We have a team of workers with more than 10-year of experience, skill in the field of manufacturing plastic bags.

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