Custom printed T shirt bags in Vietnam: 7 certain things to remember

Custom printed T shirt bags in Vietnam

Custom printed T shirt bags in Vietnam are very cheap compared to many other countries in Europe, America … Printing will make plastic bags more eye-catching, showing the designer’s intentions. However, to get a satisfactory printed product, customers need to pay attention to many things such as printing technique, printing material, bag size, alignment, printed content or where to print.

In this article, Vn Plastic would like to share with you 7 certain things to remember.

Printing technique of T shirt bags

In order for custom printed T shirt bags to have the best quality, the most durable ink, the printed content to be sharp and not blurry, printing technique plays a very important role.

Currently, there are printing techniques such as digital printing, Flexo printing, offset printing… But the best one is gravure printing. Vn Plastic is also applying this printing technique to custom printed T shirt bags.

Printed polythene bags in Vietnam: gravure printing technology applied
Printed polythene bags in Vietnam: gravure printing technology applied

With the gravure printing technique, the custom printed T shirt bags will have high accuracy. The durability of the print roller is also high and can be reprinted many times. Moreover, the printing speed is also very high (200 meters/minute).

The only downside of this printing technique is the high cost.

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Material of custom printed T shirt bags

Custom printed T shirt bags in Vietnam are mostly made from HDPE or LDPE. These are all high quality virgin plastic.

The biggest advantages of these two types of plastic are the transparency, smooth surface and high water resistance.

What is LDPE

Print Content Margins

When printing on T shirt bags or any other bags types, the printed content should have a certain margin for example at least 10mm. You should not design a fullwidth print. In the process of cutting and shaping T shirt bags, if the printed content is too close to the edge of the bag, it might be cut by the machine.

Ink color

Ink color depends on the design. In order for custom printed T shirt bags to be accurate, you should choose the correct Pantone color code with CMYK color mode. The printing color also needs to be selected according to the color of the plastic bag. The color of the plastic bag and the printed color should have a clear contrast so that the printed content stands out and clearly shows the intention and message of the designer.

The number of colors printed is also important. Depending on the manufacturer of T shirt bags in Vietnam, the number of printable colors will vary. Vn Plastic can print up to 4 colors at the same time.

Ink color
Ink color

Number of printed sides

The number of printed sides on custom printed T shirt bags in Vietnam is also quite diverse. Usually, people print 1 or 2 main sides. But there are also designs that require printing the side gusset. To do that, the manufacturer will need another specialized printer.

Content to print on T shirt bags

With custom printed T shirt bags, you can print anything you like on it. However, you should pay attention to the content. It should be simple and express the message clearly and succinctly. Designers should focus on key information such as:

  • Company’s name
  • Address
  • Phone number
  • Slogan
  • Links to websites, social networks
  • Or QR Code

How custom printed T shirt bags work

T shirt bags are usually printed by gravure printing method. Therefore, Vn Plastic only introduces the printing process by this method.

Once the design is agreed upon, the supplier will design the roller. The content to be printed will be in the recessed part of the shaft.

The virgin HDPE, LDPE plastic particles, after being put into the extruder, will create bags with the width required by the customer. Next, they are passed through the gravure printing shaft. The number of times the bag passes through the gravure roller is equal to the number of colors on the design.

Final thoughts

Custom printed T shirt bags in Vietnam have high quality. However, the price is very cheap. Usually, the manufacturer of T shirt bags will perform the printing process to reduce the cost of the product. So, if you’re looking for a cheap T shirt bags manufacturer in Vietnam, give Vn Plastic a try! Thank you for reading!

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