Biodegradable plastic bag vs nylon bag: 6 clear differences

Biodegradable plastic bag vs nylon bag

Do biodegradable plastic bag vs nylon bag have differences or they are the same? There are many people who may confuse them or assume they are the same. However, there are many differences in materials, appearance, safety, usage. Let Vn Plastic help you understand them clearly.

There are some opinions that nylon, plastic bag should be banned. Instead, people consider paper bags to protect the environment. Is this option feasible? To produce paper bags, people need raw materials from trees. That creates a big challenge for our living environment. Solving the problem of waste, but people will have to face the problem of balancing the ecosystem and preventing deforestation.

The appearance of Biodegradable plastic bags has solved the above problem. They can be in different shapes such as Plastic Flat bag, Plastic block header bag, Plastic T shirt Bag, Plastic Sheet, Plastic Bag on Roll depends on intend of use.

Plastic bag features
Plastic bag features

The difference of Biodegradable plastic bags

Raw materials: Raw materials to produce Biodegradable plastic bags are environment-friendly such as starch, bagasse, tapioca…

Appearance: The surface of the bag is soft and smooth, mainly in white. They can be printed in different shapes, colors.

Safety: Biodegradable plastic bags are very safe for the environment and human.

Usage: Because this plastic bag type is elastic, good stretch and safe, then it can be popular used to store food with various bag sizes, capacity.

Price: The cost is higher than nylon bags

Biodegradability: Capable of degrading in natural environmental conditions

Plastic Bag on Roll
Biodegradable Plastic Bag on Roll

The difference of nylon bag

Raw materials: Raw materials of nylon bag are from finite, non-renewable resources such as petroleum, microplastics…

Appearance: The surface of the nylon bag is not smooth, rough, colorful, but not diverse in printing.

Safety: Not safe for the environment, harmful to health if reused and has an unpleasant odor

Usage: Limited in sizes

Price: Low price

Biodegradability: Not capable of decomposing in the natural environment

The difference of nylon bag
The difference of nylon bag

How plastic bags biodegradable

There are many factors that affect the self-degradation of plastic bags such as moisture, temperature, sunshine, microorganisms, and biodegradable substances in the product.

Under normal conditions, after manufactured, the biodegradable plastic bag has begun the process of self-degradation. But this process happens very slowly and is hardly noticeable. Therefore, there’s no problem with product quality.

When released into the environment, under the influence of sunlight, microorganisms, moisture …, the self-destruction process will take place faster.

How plastic bags biodegradable
How plastic bags biodegradable

Summary: plastic bag vs nylon bag

Currently, many countries and continents are putting environmental protection issues to a higher level. Therefore, the use of nylon bags will be reduced or completely banned. Instead, biodegradable plastic bags will be favored and used more commonly.
Hopefully with this sharing of Vn Plastic, you will have a better view of biodegradable plastic bag vs nylon bag. Thanks for reading!

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