PE Stretch Film Vietnam: Top #1 Best manufacturer specialized in EU market

PE Stretch Film Vietnam: Top #1 leading manufacturer specialized in EU market

PE Stretch Film Vietnam is a key searched by many wholesalers in the EU. Why? In Vietnam, which factory can produce quality PE Stretch Film? What Stretch Film used for? Let’s find out with VN Plastic ( in this article.

What is PE Stretch Film?

PE Stretch Film, also known as PE Stretch wrap, is a thin PE plastic film with excellent stretch to protect products. This PE film allows the products to be fixed together firmly. Stretch film is often used to wrap pallets before loading. Wrapping tightly together prevents small products from falling off.

There are many types of stretch wrap films in the market with different uses such as:

  • Bundling film ( stretch film wraps bundles together )
  • Hand stretch (plastic film is used by hand to wrap manually)
  • Extended core stretch film (plastic film with easy-to-operate handle core)
  • Machine Stretch wrap (Super tough thin film to help operate on pe pallet wrapping machines)
  • Static Dissipative Film ( Anti-static pallet protection film )

Use of PE Stretch Film

Exported products are usually packed in pallets. They are usually wrapped carefully by layers of PE film on pallets. This helps protect against impact as well as steam when exporting. With anti-impact and scratch-resistant features, PE film is the number 1 choice in the process of product protection.

Goods stored in warehouses for a long time are susceptible to dust. A layer of PE film will help protect the goods and increase the lifespan. In addition to being resistant to dirt, PE stretch film can also be water resistant for the product.

Vn Plastic regularly exports PE plastic bags by sea, therefore, PE stretch film plays a huge role in product protection.

PE Stretch Film Manufacturer in Vietnam
PE Stretch Film Manufacturer in Vietnam

Best factory produces PE Stretch Film Vietnam

Currently, Vn Plastic is the best factory produces PE Stretch Film in Vietnam specialized in EU market. If you want to receive a free sample, please contact Vn Plastic immediately for support and advice here:

Or for instant support, please Whatsapp us: +84-903-284-939.

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