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Plastic block header shopping bag


Thickness: HDPE/MDPE 12-60 mic, LDPE 22-60 mic, Recycled LDPE 15-70 mic
Width: 150-650++ mm
Length: 320-800++ mm
Printing: 1-4+ colors

Please note: Dimensions and thickness are for reference only. Please contact our Support Team for more details.


What is Plastic block header shopping bag?

Plastic block header shopping bag is a separated bag that is arranged in block. The bags are attached to each other in the header by hot pins. There are 2 or 3 holes to hang block. The header and body of the bag have a cut line. When using, the user will take each bag, tear it off. The header will stay on the hanger. These bags may or may not be embossed.

Specifications of Plastic block header shopping bag


Plastic block header shopping bags usually have a thickness ranging from 12 to 60mic for MDPE or HDPE material. For LDPE material, thickness is usually 22 to 60mic. If using recycled LDPE material, the thickness will range from 15 to 70mic.


The width of the Plastic block header shopping bag ranges from 150 to 650++ mm depending on the intended use.


The length of the Plastic block header shopping bag also varies depending on the needs of the customer from 320 to 800++ mm.

Printed colors

Currently, there are many technologies for printing on many different materials. However, when printing plastic bags, the most common technology is gravure printing. Printed content will be engraved on the roller. Then the roller will be dipped into the ink. When the plastic bag passes through the roller, the content will be printed very sharp.

Vn Plastic can print up to 4 colors at the same time on the same line. Customers can freely choose colors according to the CMYK pantone palette.

Use of Plastic block header shopping bag

Block header shopping bags are often used in super market, food store…

Plastic block header shopping bag manufacturer in Vietnam

Vn Plastic is a leading Plastic block header shopping bag manufacturer in Vietnam. We own a modern machinery system and professional staff. Surely, customers will feel satisfied when putting their full trust in Vn Plastic.

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