EPI biodegradable or EPI plastic bags help Protect the Earth?

EPI biodegradable or EPI plastic bags help Protect the Earth

How does EPI biodegradable or EPI plastic bags help protect our earth? What is the concept of epi additive, epi technology plastic… Let’s learn more about them with Vn Plastic in this article.

EPI additive and What is EPI plastic?

EPI is the chemical name for Oxo-biodegradable plastic. EPI additive helps break down plastic particles into smaller pieces. EPI plastics will also help plastics to decompose faster and fully. That will solve the problems of plastic pollution in the environment.

EPI additive is often added to produce plastic bag products, used in agriculture…

EPI additive
EPI additive

EPI technology plastics: How it works

To make the plastic biodegradable, a low concentration of EPI additive has been added. The process of oxo biodegradable decomposition will take place in 2 main stages: Oxidative Degradation and Biodegradation.

1. Oxidative Degradation

Thanks to EPI, polymer chain cutting begins to occur. The chain molecules are shorter and the molecular weight is also reduced. Heat, UV light and mechanical stress are the factors that accelerate this irreversible process.

Once this oxidation begins to occur, it will continue until the resin is no longer a polymer. At this point, it becomes a material that can biodegrade in the normal environment. Normally, EPI plastic will be able to decompose after 2 to 3 years.

2. Biodegradation

After the oxidation stage, biodegradation will take place. Materials subject to oxidation will be easily attacked by bacteria, fungi, and microorganisms. Then, they will be gradually converted into carbon dioxide, water and humus.

Thanks to the EPI additive added to PE bags, in less than 2 years, they can be degraded up to 60%.

EPI biodegradable or EPI plastic bags manufacturing companies

In Vietnam, the use of EPI biodegradable or EPI plastic bags is also quite common. There are a few companies that produce biodegradable plastic bags, including Vn Plastic. We are one of the plastic bags factory in Haiphong that produces HDPE, LDPE ones.

If you are looking for a partner with high production capacity, has BVQA certificate, please contact Vn Plastic immediately for the most dedicated quotation and advices.

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