Plastic doggy bag

Thickness HDPE/MDPE 12-50++ mic, LDPE 15-70++ mic, Recycled LDPE 15-70 mic
Width 150-650++ mm
Length 300-800++ mm
Print 1-4++ colors
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What is plastic doggy bag?

Plastic doggy bag also known as doggie bag. This is a bag often used to bring leftovers for dogs and cats from restaurants or somewhere else home. Or another use is simply to bring leftovers food home. People usually use recycled materials to produce this doggie bag. Then, it’s not really suitable to store food for human.

In some countries, they also consider this bag type dog waste bag. It’s best to store dog or pet waste.

Thickness of doggy bag

The thickness of plastic doggy bag ranges from 12 to 50 microns for HDPE or MDPE material. With higher quality materials like LDPE or recycled LDPE, the thickness is usually designed from 15 to 70 mic. The thicker the bag, the heavier the food carried will be.

Doggy bag width

The width of the plastic doggy bag can be designed from 150 to 650++ mm by Vn Plastic. However, for the purpose of bringing home leftovers, people do not often make bags too big.

Length of the doggie bag

The length of the plastic doggie bag most often chosen for production is from 300 to 800++ mm.


Currently, there are many technologies for printing on many different materials. However, when printing plastic bags, the most common technology is gravure printing. Printed content will be engraved on the roller. Then the roller will be dipped into the ink. When the plastic bag passes through the roller, the content will be printed very sharp.

Vn Plastic can print up to 4 colors at the same time on the same line. Customers can freely choose colors according to the CMYK pantone palette.

Plastic doggy bag manufacturer in Vietnam

Vn Plastic is a leading plastic doggy bag manufacturer in Vietnam. We own a modern machinery system and professional staff. Surely, customers will feel satisfied when putting their full trust in Vn Plastic.


Dining out and taking home leftovers will many people think is only common in Vietnamese villages. But in fact, it is very popular in countries like the US or Canada. There are many people who never bring home leftovers because they are ashamed to do so. But there are also many people who feel dissatisfied if they waste food. In the Netherlands, most people are educated to eat all their food on the plate to avoid waste.

In some restaurants, customers may have to pay an additional fee to bring food home using a doggy bag. But most customers are satisfied and willing to pay.

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