Plastic garbage can, box, carton liner

Common specifications of plastic garbage can, box, carton liner produced by Vn Plastic.

VNP code Dimension Thickness (mic)
17×18 6
VNP2022 20×22 6
VNP2424 24×24 6, 8
VNP2433 24×33 6, 8
VNP3037 30×37 8, 10, 16
VNP3042 30×42 16
VNP3340 33×40 11, 13, 16
VNP3860 38×60 22
VNP4048 40×48 12, 14, 16, 22
VNP4318 43×48 14, 16, 22
VNP3143 31×43 14, 16, 19
VNP4048 40×46 16
VNP4048 40×48 16, 19
VNP3860 38×60 17

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Plastic garbage can liner is manufactured by folding the bottom of the garbage can liner over several times and then heat sealing it. Star Sealed bottom can liners will almost virtually eliminate leakage. Bags that have star sealed bottoms also conform better to the shape of the garbage can by spreading refuse around the trash bag bottom.

The Plastic garbage can liners with gussets are a flat type trash can liner that is constructed with both sides “tucked” in to form the gussets. The outer edges of the garbage can liners where there are indentations is sealed with the four layers of film that are folded on top of the others, while the middle of the bag is sealed with only two layers.

Can Liners made with gussets have a tendency to leak with wet trash. Flat seal garbage can liners that have square corners that use a Flat Seal are converted / constructed by sealing the bottom edge of the can liner. Can Liners made with this type of seal are somewhat leak-proof and do not compromise the length of the can Liner.

Garbage can liners made with a flat seal do not conform well to the waste receptacle, making them difficult to utilize, but they are more cost effective due to to less material and the ease of manufacturing

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