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Everything about biodegradable T-shirt bags you need to know

Biodegradable T-shirt bags have many preeminent features and are chosen by many consumers, suppliers. And especially, with the trend of environmental protection, the boycott of normal bags or nylon bags is increasing, biodegradable bags are getting more and more attention. Vn Plastic would like to share everything about Biodegradable T-shirt bags that you need to know.

What are biodegradable plastic bags?

Biodegradable plastic bags are bags that could be biodegradable in nature. However, it is still debatable whether it can be completely decomposed by composting or industrial methods must be applied.

What are biodegradable plastic bags
What are biodegradable plastic bags

How to make Biodegradable T-shirt plastic bags

The way to make Biodegradable T-shirt plastic bags is only different in the mixing of ingredients. Vn Plastic uses high-grade virgin plastic particles (HDPE, LDPE, LLDPE). Then, depending on the customer’s request, mix more color beads and appropriate additives. Biodegradable granules are added at this stage at a flexible rate to ensure quality. Next, this mixture is well mixed and send to blowing machine.

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The above Biodegradable PE mixture is put into the plastic extruder for blowing and printing. When finished printing, the plastic roll is taken to the T-shirt cutting machine and then packed into blocks. Normally, each block of Biodegradable T-shirt plastic bags has 25, 50 or up to 100 pieces.

How to make Biodegradable T-shirt plastic bags
How to make Biodegradable T-shirt plastic bags

How to distinguish Biodegradable T-shirt plastic bags

It is very difficult to distinguish Biodegradable T-shirt plastic bags with the naked eye. If not marked, they are just like regular T-shirt plastic bags. But if the plastic bag has this feature, people will definitely print the logo or write the word “Biodegradable” on the bag.

How to distinguish Biodegradable T-shirt plastic bags
How to distinguish Biodegradable T-shirt plastic bags (source: internet)

Biodegradable T-shirt bags types

Biodegradable T-shirt bags are the ones cut into T-shirt form. It is also known as Vest carrier bags. There are many types of Biodegradable T-shirt bags type such as side gusset, embossing, have hanging holes or not.

Printed T shirt bags can be customizable in shapes, colors. Vn Plastic can print up to 4 colors at the same time on one line.

Biodegradable plastic bags manufacturer

Vn Plastic is leading biodegradable plastic bags manufacturer in Vietnam. We have modern machine system imported from Taiwan such as Chao Wei, Hemingstone. We also have attractive profile. Please read more here: About us.

Biodegradable t-shirt bags wholesale

If biodegradable t-shirt bags wholesalers want to be leading in range, they must have very good price provided by manufacturers. Therefore, the manufacturers must be very reputable, good standing.

Owning cheap workers, good machinery, cheap raw materials but high quality, good relationship with famous forwarders, Vn Plastic is confident to satisfy customers and become a long-term, reliable partner.

Final thoughts

Vn Plastic has just introduced to you everything about Biodegradable T-shirt bags. Hopefully with this article, you will have a better understanding of this popular bag. And if you are looking for Biodegradable T shirt plastic bags manufacturer in Vietnam, please contact Vn Plastic now.

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